PENSA Perspectives

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  • Rm Thirupathi

    Rm Thirupathi

  • Crsanmartino


  • Mrs. Erdbeergalaxy

    Mrs. Erdbeergalaxy

  • Saumyabrata Saha

    Saumyabrata Saha

  • Agustin Losso

    Agustin Losso

    Profesional del diseño, la tecnología y la Innovación. Consultor, profesor y divulgador.

  • Julio Terra

    Julio Terra

    Advisor to designers, creative studios, and startups. Founder of Launch Studio. Alumni of Kickstarter, LAB @ Rockwell Group, and ITP.

  • D Galas

    D Galas

  • Martin Lenclos

    Martin Lenclos

    Guiding innovative transformation and strategic presentation • I run Studio KCED, a strategic design studio that brings ideas to life • Founded 3 NYC startups

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